New Release & Wyoming Christmas Extravaganza Invitation & Ginormous Giveaway Opportunity

Greetings friends! You’re invited to a wonderful Christmas party in the Whispers in Wyoming Facebook reader group.  (online event)

pablo Wyoming Christmas Extravaganza 2018 for instagram with cat

Here’s the link to join the group.  Trust me, this party is always so much fun!  You won’t want to miss it!  25 authors will be sharing giveaways and hanging out with you over the course of this 3 day fun event!  Whispers in Wyoming (Facebook Reader Group)

Also, in addition to those giveaways and fun, the authors have teamed up with the authors of the Whispers in Wyoming series and are offering more fun with a chance for you to win one of  four grand prizes–:  One winner will win ALL 53 of these Kindle eBooks, another winner will win a Kindle Fire, one winner will win a $25.00 Amazon gift card, and one winner will receive a sweet little collection of at least 3 Christmas ornaments.  Here’s a link to enter the rafflecopter for a chance to win, and no newsletter sign ups are required!

wyoming christmas extravaganza multi author giveaway 2018 FINAL FINAL

Hope to see you at the party!  Be sure to join the group today so when the authors start doing their giveaways and sharing you’ll be seeing their posts and able to join in all the fun and merriment of this most wonderful Christmas season!

Again, here’s the link to join the Facebook reader group where the party will be–:

Here’s the rafflecopter to enter for your chance to win one of the grand prizes which will be announced on Saturday, Dec. 22nd in the reader group:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

In other news, here’s my latest new release and contribution to the “Whispers in Wyoming” series, a contemporary Christmas Inspirational and Christian western romance, All That Glitters.  Although this is book 16, it can easily be read as a stand-alone novel.

All That Glitters_Nook.jpg

Nicole, the heroine in the story, is an actress from Santa Monica who decides to spend Christmas at The Sweetwater ranch in Wyoming with her daughter, Amy, to consider a proposal from her boyfriend, Drew, the billionaire architect of her acting career and owner of a studio and Hollywood legacy.  Enter, Jack Colten, a handsome new wrangler at the ranch.

In the following scene, Nicole has been ice skating and showing off some of her talents at the rink.  During a jump and spinning move, she landed wrong and fell, injuring her ankle badly.  Here’s a brief excerpt from “All That Glitters.”–:

Turning to Jack, Amy said, “Cowboy Jack, I’m so glad you’re here to help my mommy walk to the van.”
“I don’t think she’s going to be able to walk. I’ll just carry her. Nicole, put your arms around my neck and on the count of three. Ready?” Jack’s tone of authority left her no time to protest. What single girl wouldn’t mind wrapping their arms around such a handsome man anyhow? She did what he instructed and clasped her hands together behind his neck, her heart beating rapidly.
“One, two, three.” He scooped her up in seconds as if she weighed a feather. “Amy, will you…”
Eight-year-old Amy held up a hand toward Jack to silence him, finishing his sentence. “Talk to the hand, Cowboy Jack. I know, return the rental skates, get our stuff, and meet you at the van. Got it, get it, good!”
He shook his head and chuckled, pausing with her in his arms. “Man, she is smart as a whip!”
“See what I go through?” Nicole rolled her eyes and then Amy skated away to do everything needed. “Don’t forget my purse!”
“I won’t, Mom!” Amy called over one shoulder, nearly colliding with the wall on the edge of the rink.
“Watch where you’re going, and be careful!” Nicole called out as the handsome wrangler carried her to the van.
“I’ll be careful!” Amy called back.
“Yeah, what your mom said,” Jack added softly as he looked down at her and their eyes met, causing her to blush.
When he placed her in the front passenger seat of The Sweetwater van used to drive guests around the small city of Lander, his lips nearly brushed hers as he set her down. She could feel his warm breath on her lips and hear his heart beating against her own chest. She could tell by the look in his eyes they were both sorry the moment had come to an end.
He pulled away to help other passengers and gently closed the door. Nicole bit her lip and settled reluctantly into the seat, observing him closely when he walked around to the driver’s side. There was intense attraction pulling the two of them together. The pull was stronger than she’d first believed, and she reckoned it was a force they were both going to face at some point, soon. For the first time, she realized Jack knew it, too. His brown eyes said everything words couldn’t yet. At least she had the drive back to the ranch to look forward to. Maybe the handsome wrangler would finally talk to her, really talk to her. Deep down, she realized it was what she’d been hoping for since the first time she saw Jack Colten.
“All That Glitters” is free for KU readers or $2.99 to purchase for the Kindle version. Be sure to get your copy today.…/…/


“Geneva” — Free June 21 – June 25

Hello!  I wanted to let you know Geneva, Volume 1 of ‘The Brides of Grace Hill Series,’ is FREE today, Thursday, June 21st, through Monday, June 25th!  

Geneva is an Antebellum Era Christian/Inspirational Romance novel with a theme of joy.  There’s plenty of drama; adventure; romance; history; a tall, dark, and handsome hero; and a few chuckles along the way.

Here’s the link to download your FREE Kindle copy today and a look at the cover:

Geneva Amazon cover

I’m currently writing Annabelle, Volume 2 of ‘The Brides of Grace Hill Series.’  My apologies as it’s a little late.  I’d hoped to release it this Spring, but have no fear, Annabelle will arrive this summer.  I do hope you enjoy Geneva during the wait.




New Release, “No Place Like Home”

Good morning!  I wanted to share my new release for the ‘Whispers in Wyoming’ series with you, No Place Like Home.  

Here’s a look at the cover:


Here’s the blurb:  

The romance continues in Book 10 of the ‘Whispers in Wyoming’ series when Bronson meets Tory, whose teenage kid sister, Harper, enters her in the Miss Lander Beauty Pageant, hosted by The Sweetwater Ranch. There’s fun, trouble, romance, and adventure with Tory being a tad klutzy, and the characters of Jill and Logan Haven jetting off to honeymoon in beautiful Ireland, returning in time to take the kids camping along the Oregon Trail to discover the history and struggle of pioneer life.

“No Place Like Home” may be read as a stand-alone. A lighthearted, endearing, clean and wholesome journey with an inspirational, Christian message that will leave you chuckling and turning the pages to find out what happens next in this contemporary western romance—be sure to download your copy today!


There’s also a surprise for readers early on in the book and I can’t wait to hear your reactions.  Happy reading and here’s the link to the Amazon page so you can get your copy of the book while it’s on sale for 99 cents, which will not be for long.  (It’s also free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers.)  The print edition will be available in a few days or so.





New Release, “Becoming Princess Olivia”

Hello friends!  I’m sharing about a new book release in time for Royal Wedding Month!  I hope you’ll love this romantic Contemporary Christian Romance about a royal romance between Miss Olivia Jane Kennedy and His Royal Highness (HRH), Prince Stephen, of the House of Cherish.  Feel free to click on the cover to purchase a copy or read an excerpt from the book .   The book is available for pre-order but releases tomorrow.


My Writing Journey

           Yesterday I shared this post in the Whispers in Wyoming Facebook reader group.  The other writers in this exciting new Contemporary Christian Western Romance series are also sharing about their writing journeys in the group this week.  Feel free to join us and find out more about these talented authors I feel so blessed to know and work alongside: Danni Roan, Kari Trumbo, Rachel Skatvold, Tina Dee, Kit Morgan, and Caroline Clemmons.  They’ve helped me grow and stretch as a writer and I’ve learned so much working with them.  If you’re already blessed to have read a few of the books in this series, you’ll be delighted to know the writers contributing to our series has expanded and we’re excited to see how the series will take shape and grow.  Here’s the link to the Facebook reader group to find out more, and learn more about these  authors :

          Here’s a copy of my post about my writing journey.  I’d like to preserve it here on my blog for other readers, so I’m excited to share it with you here as well–:

          From a very early age, I was drawn to writing and books. I remember writing my first story into a “book” at age 5 before I knew how to spell. We lived in Apple Creek, Wisconsin where I attended kindergarten in an elementary school across from a ginormous Catholic church. Well, I think it was Catholic. I also was a Brownie in Girl Scouts at the time and we had our meetings in that church. During free time in my kindergarten class, I drew the scenes and then asked the teacher to write down the sentences I wanted for each of the pages. Then I asked her to staple the little book together for me. It was my very first story when we were done and my own edition of “Curious George.”

          Around age eight or nine, when we were living in Minnesota, my grandmother sent me the “Little House ” books in a box set. How I loved those books. It didn’t help any that my mother made my sisters and I prairie gowns with bonnets and my Great Aunt Elsie gave each of us girls dolls wearing bonnets and calico dresses. I was hooked on books and everything old-fashioned from that point on, so that’s part of how my slogan was born, “The Old-Fashioned Everything Girl.” Every year beginning during my early school age years, my mother gave each of us girls a diary for Christmas and I began a long and rewarding journey of journaling. Then, the “Little House” television series began and even though millions of other little girls my age were also watching the program, I was sure no one loved the show more than I did.

          During these years, I was also becoming a voracious reader. My parents went through a divorce and I found myself becoming a daydreamer kind of child. I think this has actually helped my writing journey. Time alone as a latch key kid also gave me plenty of room to develop creativity in both writing and art. A few of my books contain some of my own illustrations and sketches, but I would never have developed these abilities if the Lord hadn’t allowed me to go through some challenges.

          In 5th grade, I took first place in my elementary school spelling bee and went on to represent the district for the state level. This grew my confidence in reading and writing. In 8th grade, I won a prize for a short chapter story and some of my poetry.  I was thrilled and surprised.  Around this time, babysitting earnings gave me enough funds to purchase my very first typewriter. It was a second-hand Royal, but how I loved to attempt to plunk out stories on that typewriter. It cost $ 67.00, my entire savings.  It was in the window of a shop beside the Ben Franklin nickel  & dime store.  I’ll never forget seeing it and the exhilaration of having my very own typewriter.  Now I could type more stories.

          In 9th grade, a personal typing class helped me along in my journey. I had been plunking out stories and letters for so long that I had no trouble earning the spot as the fastest typist in the class. I was finally finding my stride and a few things I was good at. By the time I was thirteen, I knew I wanted to be a mother and a writer when I grew up, and maybe even a teacher, too.

          Blogging, continuing to keep a personal journal, and reading voraciously kept improving my writing abilities during my early adult years and motherhood. I read as many classics as I could find, including “War and Peace,” “Middlemarch,” “A Tale of Two Cities,” “Oliver Twist,” “Queen Victoria’s Diary,” “Little Women,” the “Anne of Green Gables,” Jane Austen books, and many more. Along the way, I discovered the world of modern day Christian historical and contemporary writers. That blew me away. I was so happy to find writers who loved to share their faith in Christ in an interesting way. I had a career in human resources and numerous other jobs during this time until I became a full time mom and homeschooling parent. The Lord had answered a dream of my heart and allowed me to become a mother and a teacher. I was so thankful, but I had this feeling that there was still something more I could do and longed to do.

          In 2010, my children were becoming more self-sufficient and I felt such a strong desire to write, so I wrote my debut novel and published it in 2011, “To Find a Duchess.” The Lord asked me to un-publish it for one year. This was gut-wrenching and I was miserable, but I did as He asked.

          I thought I’d die of boredom that year, honestly baffled and confused. Nonetheless, I had to do what the Lord was directing me to do. I realized later, God had asked me to lay that book on the altar of Isaac. One year later, the Lord told me I could put it back up for sale. He spoke to my heart and said, now I know your books will never be more important to you than I am. It gave me some indication that He would prosper my journey as a writer, and since I had no idea what I was doing and didn’t have connections to many writers at this point, this was a comforting feeling to me to know He was watching over me and my writing. I felt He was deeply interested in my work and valued my contribution even if no one had heard of me or my books at this point.

          Writing feels like an act of worship to our Savior for me… something I’m trying to do to contribute to the Kingdom since I had struggled for many years to find my place within the body of Christ. I felt a deep longing of my heart finally answered. The little girl in kindergarten who wrote about ‘Curious George’ and loved Jesus and early American pioneers had finally found her place in the world, a place where she might be able to make a difference.

          I have been writing more books ever since and recently published my 11th novel, but I try to be very careful to write a message or theme in each book along the lines of what the Lord wants me to share. I believe each of my books are a piece of my heart I’m writing for the Lord as a gift. He has a way of getting through to me and has asked me to give most of the proceeds of my books to missions. The rest of my profits usually help me purchase the next book cover or do a bit of advertising, so your shares, kind reviews, and support are crucial and so helpful for my work.

          Looking back, I can see the Lord has prepared me well for writing on my life’s journey. He has also surrounded me with other wonderful writing friends and loyal readers to help me along in this journey and I’m so thankful for each and every one. There are times when without my writing friends and loyal readers, I’m sure I would feel stuck and not be sure what to do to grow as a writer in this industry. I feel like I’ve been on several learning curves and yet there is still so much to learn and do to improve my writing craft.

          Thanks for joining me today to hear a little more about my writing journey. I’m so thankful and humbled to have a purpose in life. I really enjoy the journey. Each day in writing is an adventure. Connecting with readers has been incredibly rewarding. Many times I am deeply inspired by my readers to keep going, to keep trying, to keep sharing the truth of the gospel in a way that touches and encourages readers in their walk with the Lord. Somehow, I feel we are encouraging each other.

          Being a bit of a daydreamer, the question I asked our Whispers in Wyoming readers yesterday is this one:  Reading can take us anywhere we’d like to go. What country, city, small town, or place would you like to know more about? Perhaps I’ll make one of my future heroines and some part of a future setting from one of your suggestions…

“Geneva” – Christian Fiction Celebrating Easter

Happy Easter friends!  I wanted to let you know Geneva contains content which celebrates Easter by sharing interesting scenes where the characters in the story reveal Welsh and American Easter traditions.  This Antebellum Era Christian romance also contains adventure, humor, and clean, sweet romance.  

The book will be on sale for 99 cents through the Canadian Easter Monday, April 2nd, 2018.  On April 3rd, 2018, the price goes up.  Geneva  is FREE for Kindle Unlimited subscribers.  I hope you have a joyous Easter with your friends and family.  The remembrance of Good Friday is truly the beginning of the hope Easter brings us because of the resurrection of our Savior!  

Geneva Amazon cover

I would love to hear your thoughts about the book when you’re done reading it.  Part of the book has a spring setting as winter comes to a close in the story. 

I’m also looking forward to hearing how you’ll be celebrating Easter with your family.  Will you be cooking an Easter ham or wearing an Easter hat to the worship service at your church?  Maybe your children are part of an Easter Program or presentation at your church?  Do you have an Easter egg hunt for your children and/or grandchildren, or give them an Easter basket with a chocolate cross? 

We’ll be going to the Easter morning service, participating in the Easter presentation about the true meaning of Resurrection Sunday, and then a family meal with an Easter ham.  I’m hoping to wear an Easter hat and take a family picture. 

Most of all, we’re celebrating how the Savior lives in our hearts and is alive today walking with us on a daily basis, bringing us through every moment of our lives with continued renewal, purpose, joy, healing, salvation, redemption, provision, grace, and hope.  I’m not saying there aren’t difficult days in our lives, but He is with me through the hard times and the days of struggle.  He is an ever present comfort to me. 

These are things He does for us every single day and we are so thankful and doing our best to shine brightly for Him and honor Him.  I hope you know Him and rest in Him during this season.  If you do not, this is a wonderful day to ask Him to live in your heart also, to save you for eternity, and be with you each day, making a way when there seems to be no other way, opening rivers in the dry places, and shedding joy and light on your path. 



Excerpt from “Geneva”– Antebellum Era Christian Historical Romance

Two brief excerpts from Geneva for Wonderful Wacky Wednesday!   It’s the  1850’s.  Pre-Civil War.  Bryn is determined to marry Geneva Rosemont, the beautiful vicar’s daughter in his Welsh parish, despite being nearly engaged to the sensible Elizabeth Berkley. He is young, handsome, fickle where his women are concerned…  Can Geneva find a way to escape the perilous match for a fresh start elsewhere?

Geneva Amazon cover

Scene 1 & 2 setting and description

Geneva has recently arrived in America from Wales to help her aunt with the Grace Hill Mission School for Ladies & Orphans.  The  students have returned from a visit to New York. This is a very small portion of a playful, humorous cat chasing scene during what should have been a pleasant, ordinary, peaceful dinner.  Some of the employed staff is on hand, as well as the hero, Ridge.  The cat belongs to Geneva’s personal maid.  

The second scene is a romantic scene with the mysterious hero, Ridge, whose daughter from a previous marriage attends the school.  Geneva is ordinarily not temperamental, but Ridge brings out a new element of feisty defiance in her personality unlike any other suitor has been able to do. —

Scene 1
The cat decided to make a dash away from the table by leaping over Dorothea’s shoulder. Dorothea, who had been seated beside Geneva, shrieked. Her shriek seemed to propel the cat farther away. Some of the girls giggled and a few stood up at their chairs; whether to preserve their garments, prepare to dive in after the cat, or better observe the event remained unquestioned.

Jack Hale dove behind Geneva in order to catch or contain the cat. Either would have been applauded, but instead he landed on the floor narrowly missing the opportunity. The cat sailed through the air, landing just out of reach and headed for the Grand Hall. More shrieks rose from the table causing Peaches to attempt to run faster. However, she could not escape the Dining Room as she seemed to run in one place with her little paws covered in remnants of strawberry sauce. Her paws were slippery on the polished wood floors…

Scene 2

“Where in heaven did you learn to play like that?” he inquired.

She blushed at his complement at the piano bench, tidying the sheet music. The corners of her mouth turned up in a coy smile. “A vicar’s daughter might be called upon from time to time in a pinch.”

“I am left wondering what other hidden talents and charms you possess,” he remarked, taunting her with his curiosity.

“I confess my only other talent is the ability to whistle across a field like a meadow lark.”

“That is a talent!” He chuckled, leaning down slightly to offer her his arm. His eyes were sparkling at her with a look of amused delight again. “May I have the pleasure of your company in a stroll on the balcony, Miss Rosemont?”

Somehow, gentleman or no, he managed to make her feel as though she were the only woman on earth. How on earth did he do that? She really must find out more about him.

“I don’t know if you can be trusted to behave yourself on the balcony,” she replied. He looked at her for a second, unsure if she was teasing him or completely serious. When he saw her smile, he chuckled. Then he bowed as she rose from the bench and hesitatingly, accepted his arm. This caused him to chuckle again.

“Hush, you’ll wake Aunt Millie…” she chided.

“Not if she continues to snore like that,” he winked, guiding her through the French doors.  

“Well, I did want to experience this balcony and have not seized upon an opportunity to do so,” she replied.

“Until now,” he remarked as they strolled a few steps out onto the balcony, looking down at her face.

She looked up at his face and softly managed, barely above a whisper, “Until now…”

His eyes held hers. “Do you think we’ll see the moon and the stars tonight?”

“Do you think we’ll see any coral and crimson in the sunset?” she whispered.

Slowly, he folded her into strong arms and a broad chest. Worse yet, she let him; clinging to his forearms until his lips crushed hers.

This kiss was different than the one Bryn had stolen from her and the two kisses she had experienced in her youth. This kiss, she wanted. It left her weak in the knees and yearning for another when he was done.

“Why did you stop?” she asked when he nearly picked her up by the waist and set her apart from him.

“Because…” he insisted.

“Because why?”

“Because, though it feels as though we’ve known each other for years, we haven’t yet… and I don’t want to stop the next time I kiss you.”

“You plan to kiss me again?” she asked. “When?”

He roared with laughter again. “I don’t know when, but not anytime soon.”

“Oh,” she pouted, visibly disappointed.

“Maybe never, if you pout about it,” he chuckled.

She gasped and stomped a slippered foot on the balcony, her hands rolling up into fists to keep from slapping him.

To purchase the Kindle version of this book at Amazon, go here.  The standard print paperback version is also available.